Introducing Lightwave - Where Art Meets Data.

Data is not static. It takes various forms beyond the ones and zeros that power our software. Data is all around us. It is a part of everything we do and share in our daily life. There has been a rise of data as art, but at Lightwave we believe this relationship is ready for the next evolution. We believe we’re ready to visualize the human experience.

After spending two years building a mobile app analytics company and touring as an electronic artist, I realized that experience data could make the show come alive for my audience; and that data can heighten a relationship rather than act as a barrier between them.

Today is a day two years in the making. I’m excited and proud to announce Lightwave: analytics and wearable technology that produces actionable, real-time data from human experiences. Lightwave exists at the intersection of art and data. Rather than being a passive recipient, audiences become digitally interconnected - greater than the sum of its parts. We make live experiences better. Our technology bridges the gap between creators and people so they can build an unforgettable moment together.

How does this work?

Lightwave measures biometric data - movement, sound, excitement - with beautiful wearable technology. We collect crowd data using a proprietary network and interpret it for artists in real-time. Lightwave is a new palette for artists, creatives, and brands to customize live experiences for their audience.

What does this mean?

This new type of experience data can shape the environment so fans can connect emotionally with the artist and each other. Our vision scales to all types of live events: blockbuster performances, sporting events, conferences - anywhere where audiences want to feel connected to the live experience.

We are taking our first step at SXSW by partnering with Pepsi to elevate the fan experience with a Bioreactive Concert, but this is just the beginning. The possibilities for implementation are as far-reaching as our imaginations. I am excited to see what the world does with this platform for human data, and the relationships we create with each other as a result.

// rana june